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Sampler Alter Echo


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Isa Vautier and Bé Courtadet, together again for a new stitching adventure ...

From January 2005 to  July 2005 ( about 7 months ),
we plan to offer a new stitching project : The Alter Echo Sampler.

What is it ?
We purpose you to stitch a Sampler "like in Olden days", as a  tribute to our common passion : stitch-crossing!

Needlework’s main thread is an  embroided poem .We’ve yet written it, like a correspondence in echo. 

Some motifs
will be added to adorn it. We wish you will enjoy this mystery work  as we did making it .

If  you want to put it in the special gallery opened for this special stitching, please send a mail
with your picture or scan (jpeg or gif) to passionbroderie@wanadoo.fr


Measurement of Design area in inches is

on 28 count fabric -- 12 1/8" x 25"
on 32 count fabric -- 10 3/4" x 21 1/2"
on 36 count fabric -- 9 1/2 " x 19 1/4"

Cut fabric size

28 count. -- 18 x 31 (leaves 3" on either
side for framing)
32 count -- 17 x 28 (leaves 6 1/4 and 6 1/2 inches for framing)
36 count--16 x 25 1/2 (leaves 6 1/2 and 6 1/4 inches for framing)

English version: Part 7 / the end

Pattern left / Pattern right

Zip File


To make it easy we start by the part number  4
of the plan wich is the one

corresponding at the middle of the sampler

This model will be in 2 colors
Feel free to choose those you want to make it.


Thanks tocathy C (caldwell@swcp.com)
qui a gentiment fait la conversion en inches sur le ezboard





Part 1 (number 4)

Zip files


Part 2 (number 3)

ZIP file

Zip File

Zip File

Zip File

Zip File